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Imagine a family like yours, just add a big dollop of a British Sitcom.

Permalink The table has now been varnished. A little redder than I thought but looking at old photographs almost spot on its original colour! #100happydays
Permalink My something #Good today is tackling the sanding of our garden table that we pinched from my Mum when she moved house a few years ago. I’m just about to put the first coat of varnish on too! #FMSPhotoaday
Permalink Something I learned a long time ago was teaching a child DIY gives them a skill set to work from in the future. Always grateful to my family for teaching me skills that I’ve passed on. I also learnt that we have an electric sander!
Permalink BB decided he’d most like a set of twin baby dolls as his Easter gift. I of course said yes, no problem.
Permalink A bit of #innocentMagic first thing this morning from @bigboyamr . He looks cute in a magic hat!
Permalink Something else I did today, was put my lanterns in the tree. It had better not rain tomorrow.
Permalink I think my biggest #vice is procrastination. #FMSPhotoaday
Permalink Finally put my Christmas gift from my Mum up in the garden (the two lanterns and holders). #100happydays
Permalink Planting done, dirty hands as proof!
Permalink I’m doing a spot of planting. Yay me!
Permalink Hehehe, just wrote my first recipe in my new notebook from Birds Eye.
Permalink Tonight I’m reading this. In case you can’t work it out it says “Dear Mum If you’re reading this letter I love you”. It’s from Big Boy and probably the best thing I’ve read today! #FMSPhotoaday #100happydays
Permalink It might be #Dirty, but it was rather tasty. #FMSPhotoaday
Permalink Thanks to the sun yesterday, I have what my Nan would call “a healthy colour” on me. Might not even wear make up today to show it off!
Permalink I’ll have some more fun with my family this week. #MorePlease #FMSPhotoaday #100happydays